Make and Receive calls using your cell number over WiFi/3G!

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YouRoam lets you make and receive calls on YOUR cell number anywhere in the world over WiFi, 3G or LTE for free or really cheap!
Thanks @kwdinc for the mention!
Hi everyone, I'm the maker and would be happy to answer any questions about YouRoam. By the way, we're giving all new users some test credit (enough for 25 minutes of calls to the US and Canada or 25 text messages). @kwdinc thank you very much for submitting YouRoam!
Google Hangouts also lets you place and receive calls using your google voice number over wifi on your iphone
@_jacksmith yea, tons of apps in this space now. Google lets you make free international calling for 60 seconds from today to 25 different countries through Hangouts/Gmail/Google+.
@kwdinc @_jacksmith As avid travelers, we built YouRoam to be different than our competitors including Google Voice. You can make and receive calls on your own cell phone number instead of a random number ascribed to you by Google Voice or Skype that most of your contacts don't have. This way, you don't need to tell people you are traveling and your contacts will recognize your caller ID. YouRoam also allows you to make and receive very inexpensive calls to any country (i.e. $0.1/min. to call U.S. and Canada) on top of allowing free calls to any other YouRoam user anywhere in the world. We have many additional features you can see on our website, like a Smart Caller ID. Any suggestions on how we can improve or differentiate YouRoam are always welcome :-)