Your Email Could Be Better!
We're drowning in email. And the many hours we spend on it are generating ever more work for our friends and colleagues. We can reverse this spiral by following a few Email best practices.
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Lori DunkinDigital Strategy, FINE
This has potential to be a great tool to help an email author self-assess prior to sending, however if I understand the flow right, instead it’s setup to send these passive aggressive links to the person you got an email from and that’s one thing the world doesn’t need inflamed. 1) Recommend looking at how this can solely be for authors akin to a grammarly plugin, and should never be emailed to someone. 2) there seems to be no information on how to actually use this - the website is missing any kind of a cta - is it something you install in gmail? Or use in a browser plugin?
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Willy Arisky
Writing bugs.
@lori_dunkin Thank you for your review, keep in the eye in this product to get the update for the future.
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People use email very differently, I found too aggressive to include links patronizing others. You can’t always change how others think, talk, or email. But you can always improve yourself and teach by example.
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Mostafa Nasser DaoudDigital marketer
Keep it updated, I found it lovely and true, love the basic start, looking forward to more advises!