A billion seconds. A trillion snowflakes. A million solar miles. Track time through the universe with YourClock. Send text cards to friends and save dates for parties. Swipe and tap through 100+ clocks from flicks to fortnights to photons.

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About five years ago, at a small classroom in Berkeley Independent Study, three students Abdullah, Momin, and Sami (also brothers) and their math teacher Corey Wade had an idea for an app. We were interested in all the possible ways to track time differently. We celebrate our birthdays in Earth years, revolutions around the Sun. But what about all the other possible ways to track time? What if we reimagined time? Enter YourClock. In the beginning, none of us could code. We basically started from scratch. I wrote the initial "second" functions out on paper, in no particular programming language. We created a large database of "key dates" in a Google Doc, but manually finding interesting numbers became tedious and later on code would make the spreadsheets irrelevant. Our initial efforts culminated in the launch of a simple but entertaining website: http://happybillionthsecond.com/ . After I left for college, "The App" (as we called it) became something we would work on over breaks and vacations. I challenged myself with taking on the Android version, which we hope to be available within a year on Google Play. Corey took on the iPhone app, taking courses, and working with a mentor to polish out the details. Now, "The App" 1.0 is live on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and our dream has become a reality. What began as an after-school conversation transformed into a success story about what is possible in education and the potential of technology to bring people together. We invite you to use YourClock yourself, download it, put in your birthday or anniversary, and tap and swipe to explore all the clocks. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal features like text cards, date reminders, and fun facts about each clock. Put in your friend's birthday and send them a funny text. And, if you're around 31 years old, be on the lookout for your billionth second!
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