YourApparel is an iOS app that helps you pick an outfit from your wardrobe for work, an interview, a party, or any other event.

Hi everyone, I'm Angélique and YourApparel is the first app I’m releasing. I have always been into tech and apps and I even started to learn how to code myself. The goal of YourApparel is to make your wardrobe planning more manageable and less of a hassle. The aim is to be creative when planning your outfits. YourApparel helps you by suggesting what you can wear for different events in your life. Don't like the recommendation? Simply swipe to the left to pick the next outfit.  And Android? 🤖 The first version of the app will be released on iOS before it comes to Android while still in MVP stage. The reason for this is that I'm bootstrapping this project next to my 9-5 job. When successful, an Android version will be released too. How does YourApparel differ from other apps? Make your own events with your chosen emoji 🎉 Seasons ☀️ Remembers what you like 🤖 Doesn't show items you wore X days ago 📅 Colour tagging 🎨 The option to make notes instead of taking a picture 📝 Access from every iPhone or iPad ☁️ I'm happy to answer your questions in the comments. But before you go ☝️ To thank the Product Hunt community I am giving away 50 promo codes for the Pro version today. Leave a comment below with your Twitter handle if you would like to receive a promo code. I will reach out to you on Twitter within 24 hours. If you're not on Twitter you can send a message to referring to your comment and I'll get back to you. A promo code would make a great giveaway for someone who might need the app too 😀. ➡️Promo codes left: 42
@angeliquesocial I don't use Twitter, but I am still interested :D
@michael_bech_laugesen Hi Michael, I just sent you a message here on Product Hunt. Please let me know if you received it. You can also send a message to 😀
@angeliquesocial Not on twitter but still would be interested to try it out!
@lewislb Hi Lewis, I just sent you a direct message here on Product Hunt. Please let me know if you received it. You can also send a message to 😀
@angeliquesocial Hi Angie, congrats on your launch. I'm @AndyM_DC. Would appreciate a promo code :)
Congratulations on launching YourApparel @angeliquesocial 👏
@mrcalexandre thanks a lot Alexandre ⭐️!
Hi I'd like to try the pro version! My Twitter is lavaux_w
@wlavaux Hi Whitney, let me know if you have any questions. Glad to receive feedback.
Interested in this, I'm at @eightbitjoker
@eightbitjoker Hi Angelo, I reached out to you on Twitter. I hope you enjoy the Pro version.
Congrats on the lunch. The dilemma of "what to wear" is energy draining and I guess that's why Zuckerberg, Jobs and some others has a fixed set of clothes so they won't waste their energy on these early morning. This app can solve this issue perfectly.
@farbodsaraf thanks Farbod, YourApparel was made to make those decisions a little easier. Maybe Mark can try it one day 😄