Your Word in Candy

Candy animation that spells any word you want

#3 Product of the DayDecember 17, 2019
One click to generate a 3D animation of candy magically spelling out the word or image of your choice. There's a bonus umbrella scene to try as well.
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7 Reviews3.6/5
This is a small side-project I had been wanting to make for a long time, but couldn't come up with the right approach to make it work until now. The biggest challenge was making it fast enough, I went through doing it in pure Python, to using numpy and now finally it runs on a GPU. I might have to rewrite it yet again, because the current server is very pricey! Hope you like it.
@bemmu Cool. Is this project open source?
@naveenkumar It's not really in a shareable state, and would be pretty painful to run as it currently requires three servers (web front-end, queue server and one or more render servers).
@bemmu Thanks. Could you please share the tech stack? :)
Not perfect, but mesmerizing. This got me to look at Candy Japan, which otherwise I would not have ever known about it.
It's really fun!! Looks so real.
Love this. Not loving your server bill after a day on Product Hunt.
@mickc79 The GPU costs the same (~$200 / month) whether it's being used or not, so I prefer to see it being used. it