Your Turn

What to do When It's Your Turn, new book by Seth Godin

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Also! If you use the discount code ProductHunt, you can save $5 on a copy this week. It's not a lot, but it will make you feel smart for using Product Hunt. I'll match all the discounts with a donation to Acumen, because you're awesome.
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@thisissethsblog Seth, I loved listening to your chat on NPR/ this week. The concepts of the "connection economy" and "everyone as artist" really resonated with me, especially since those are a large part of what makes Saatchi Art's mission compelling to me. Definitely want to read your thoughts on this in more depth! Thanks for writing.
It is indeed. The thing about books is that they don't cost a huge amount to print, but they do cost a lot to shelve, to ship and to promote. My thinking is to give those that 'get it', a powerful and leveraged way to share the book with those that might need it. Bookstores make it really hard to do this, and ebooks have much less impact than a beautiful color book. So, by self-publishing and fulfilling I could do this for readers. So far so good.
Thanks for sharing this here. The book exists to start conversations, and to bring us face to face with the tension we need to do more than average. I hope it resonates...
@thisissethsblog This is interesting on a few different levels: 1. You're being purposefully vague about the contents of the book: "What it's like? You really can't know until you read it." As an author, I usually try to sell books this way: "If you need *this*, read this book". What made you choose this approach this time around? 2. "Priced and packaged to share" is an interesting concept! Do you think that's something that works only with this book in particular, or is that a concept you can use for other books as well?
Congrats on the launch, @thisissethsblog, and thanks for the discount code. In the beginning of your video (added below), you talk about blogging and the changing publishing world. For those that want to write a book, how would you suggest they approach it? It seems to be increasingly common for people to build an audience through blogging and eventually self publish a book (we actually have quite a few independent authors on PH -- @pjrvs, @mijustin, @nathanbarry, @adii come to mind).
@pjrvs @mijustin @nathanbarry @adii @rrhoover Thanks Ryan. I have some (hopefully) helpful thoughts for those questions: and and regarding Kickstarter:
"Explores, as directly as I can, the dance we all have to do with our fears, the tension we all must embrace in order to do work that we care about. It pushes us to dig deep inside so we can do better work and impact the things we care about." - @ThisIsSethsBlog