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Stay on top of your breast health (with more hot guys)

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Helen Crozier
Helen CrozierHunter@helencrozier · technology mentor
iPhone and Android app. Realise this is a male dominated space but you could always download it for the women in your life and give it a vote to promote awareness. fyi @BelleBCooper @RiaFace @thejulielogan @belaurie
Erik Torenberg
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@helencrozier this is awesome Helen! And hopefully, with posts like this, PH will be less male as we grow (and less white too).
Adam Sigel
Adam Sigel@adamsigel · Product @Hometap_, Founder @bosproduct
Anyone else find the man-o-gram part a little sexist (toward women)?
Justin Thorp
Justin Thorp@thorpus · Marketing Manager, Oracle Data Cloud
@adamsigel If it were a men's exam health app and it was women in bikini's, it'd be sexist and people would be up-in-arms. If it's a women's exam health app and men with their shirts off, it's hilarious and acceptable. #doubleStandard
Tori Bunte
Tori Bunte@stttories · PMM, HPE Storage
@adamsigel I do. I think the premise is smart; it's an element of health women (particularly in their 20s) often forget to monitor. But it's a bit objectifying toward men and exclusionary for women who aren't into men.
Bianca L. St.Louis
Bianca L. St.Louis@belaurie · Pinterest
@adamsigel I agree! I get where they are trying to go (fun engaging) with it but I think it comes off as being exclusionary to many and may not be an app one would keep for a long time.
Belle Beth Cooper
Belle Beth Cooper@bellebcooper · Co-founder,
@thorpus Totally agree. While it's an important issue to address, the objectification of men in this app is a huge turn off for me. Great point by @sttories that it's exclusionary, too.
Bianca L. St.Louis
Bianca L. St.Louis@belaurie · Pinterest
Thanks for sharing @helencrozier! Interesting to see their solution to prevention and awareness. Appreciate how they're making a serious topic humorous and lighthearted. I think personalization might be a great addition for those who may already be in relationships. ex. my mom or sister getting her husband to send reminders or being able to send my friend a Ryan gosling meme instead of a stock photo - good looks are subjective lol.
Helen Crozier
Helen CrozierHunter@helencrozier · technology mentor
yes in agreement - good attempt but would prefer customisable way of being reminded @belaurie And while I'd be pretty keen on Mr Gosling with his shirt on... other options would even be a picture of my son/daughter or video even asking me to check just so I can be around. I've a good mind to send the developers a link to this post so they can hire us all for more ideas :-)