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2 Reviews5.0/5
good idea and great implementation! Congrats
Super cool and beautiful. 1. Any option to order it for a friend as a gift but order it to my address? 2. Would be nice to have an option for SVG/PDF vector version.
Ignore #1. Found that you can edit info
@vlad_pekh for #2 we're launching a HD JPG version soon.
I love this. Any idea of the estimated shipping to Europe?
@leefranchap It's $25 but we paused shipping to Europe while we process our backlog and explore local printing options.
@edouardtabet Please let me know when available for Europe again! Congrats!
@leefranchap We decided to hold off on shipping outside of the US for various reasons but we launched a print it yourself option for non Us customers. You can purchase the HD jpeg file we use to print, for a fraction of the price.
The final result image I got doesn't show Chinese characters, all Chinese characters replaced by space, though in preview/editing mode everything looks good.