Your First Programming Language

Discover which programming language suits you as a beginner

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Hi there, My name is Alin and I am a self-taught programmer. Last year in March, I quit my job and I started learning how to program on my own. After eleven months of hustle I got my first job as a programmer. So, I made a website for people who were thinking to learn how to program, but they don't know which programming language to start with. It's not a crystal ball that will tell which is the perfect programming language for you because there is not such a thing. It will answer to some of your questions and will put them in perspective. It will lead you to the answer rather than being the answer itself. I would appreciate it so much if you could give me feedback and tell me what do you think. Also, have some suggestion for a project I could build to make your life as a self-taught programmer in the making easier? Leave a comment and I will reply to it or shoot me a tweet @RautaAlin. Cheers, Alin Rauta