Your First $1k

How to start a successful blog and make money doing it

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@mfishbein I want to hear it straight! The title of your book sounds like clickbait, or any other get rich quick book. 1. What makes your book different? 2. Why should the PH community trust your book from anything else online? I don't want to be mean, but I do not like charlatans (not saying you are)!
@dredurr Haha thanks for your questions Deandre. It contains all the strategies and tactics I've used to grow and monetize my blog. If you're interested in learning about creating great content and generating traffic and email subscribers, check it out. If you don't find it valuable, I'm happy to refund your $2.99 :)
@dredurr Dude, who gave you comment access? I thought comment access was created to leave out rude people like you. cc @rrhoover @bentossell
@nicolasegosum Don't think there is anything wrong with asking the difficult questions :) I asked something similar with the consulting book that was posted recently. The founders actually liked that I asked!
@mfishbein My questions are not meant to be rude. My questions are to learn more about you and the book. I apologize if it seems that way. I want to know more about it. What was the research process like? What makes it different? etc. I could easily google your name, but you are here and this is my chance to hear your story:-)
@nicolasegosum My questions are not rude. I am very protective of the community like family. Whatever book someone writes I want to know more about it. If you make a statement such as "your first 1k". Their is nothing wrong with asking someone why should someone trust their book over something else.
Interesting guide on how to build a blog and make it profitable.
Thanks for posting Nicolas. Hello Product Hunters! Let me know if you have any questions about the book or about blogging.