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Certainly makes sense for Google to make this more explicit, especially since Amazon has Households and will be necessary for Google Home and Assistant to work really well (i.e. user-defined family membership). Though I imagine this is being driven more by an interest in consolidating subscriptions (and therefore motivating strong-tie brand loyalty/convenience) than by user request. Compare Your Family on Google: • Calendar • Keep (notes and lists) • Photos • Google Play Family Library • Google Play Music family plan • YouTube TV • FamilyLink Amazon Household: • Share select Prime benefits - Streaming access to thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime Video - Unlimited listening to original audio series and handcrafted playlists with Audible Channels - Unlimited storage for photos with Prime Photos, one account for each adult Household member, to store photos and free up space on your phone - Access to free Kindle books through the Kindle Owners' Lending Library • Share digital content through your Family Library • Manage your children's content on Amazon devices through Amazon FreeTime
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"…up to six family members" Hate how these things always discriminate against large families. Don't see why it needs to limit it except for sharing Google Play purchases / YouTube TV… which could be limited separately if necessary.
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@shimmb This feature was originally added to support those Google Play Family services thus the limit. They will likely expand the family restrictions to something more in line with what you said in the near future.
Another example of G Suite users treated as second rate (paying!) customers. "Account not supported. You can only set up a family group with a personal Google Account, not a G Suite account."
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@badhairday yeah can we raise a ruckus about this? Drives me nuts!
Not available for G Suite 🙁
@jamescarlos As usual with Google *sigh*
run your family like a company...