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Apparently @BillGates and I are very similar :) And apparently @rrhoover is very similar to @tonyhawk
@bentossell @rrhoover haha, how does one link image to a comment. I want to show mine!
@ghromis @rrhoover paste the full image URL :) The site is down now though :(
Yeah, we loved it to death :) Sentiment analysis is cool tho.
@bentossell well, I did play a ton of Tony Hawk Pro Skater as a kid.
Oh no! Now the site is not working! :( Edit: it is now yay!
Couldn't be more correct. 97% match to @azizansari http://your-celebrity-match.mybl...
Fun project with IBM Watson! Interesting example of how Watson's Cognitive Computing is put to use here. Anyone else working on more Watson and Twitter related products?
@subodhkolhe We work with IBM Watson & Bluemix Twitter insights in two of our products, really worth looking into if you're into Twitter mining/analysis!
@burnsneill What are they called? Share links?
@subodhkolhe makes media monitoring simple & efficient for busy people, helps hotels to understand their guests & provide personalised experiences. IBM Watson & Bluemix have been great to incorporate into our solutions. We're coming out of closed beta for both in the coming weeks, if you'd like more info I'm happy to help :)