Your Boss

Pick up the phone and pretend to be someone's boss

Your Boss is a voice-based app where you act as someone else's boss. We connect freelancers, independent creators, and founders in phone calls at random times to check in on each other's progress. ✨📞

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My co-founder and I are entrepreneurs and freelancers with many projects. We made an app to automate phone calls between us to keep ourselves on track, because we often work alone (without a boss). It turns out other freelancers also enjoy talking on the phone too! And want bosses. We now have a wonderful community of "bosses", ranging from designers to programmers to illustrators, and all sorts of entrepreneurs — an immersive theater company founder, and even a pet psychic, are on the network. You never know who you will be connected to. From one of our bosses, Dustin Freeman, a VR/AR designer: "The best way to get your shit together is to have a considerate person who cares about you to look over your shoulder, who has the freedom to call you out when you're doing things non-optimally. When this happens on a schedule, as with most onsite visits, you over-prepare. When it happens randomly with a tiny bit of warning, you're caught at the perfect time to make the most change. Your Boss has found a magic trick of making this just right; the low-stakes, but high-stakes, pairwise combo of mutual support between ambitious people on ongoing tasks." And from another boss, Siddharth Gupta, a founder and machine learning enthusiast: "Over the past month of using Your Boss I have had stimulating conversations with artists, creators and entrepreneurs from across the world. Most productivity tools are designed to help you think about what to do at any given moment in time. Your Boss forces you to step back from the daily minutia and deliberate over why and how. Each part of the process is carefully thought out. The “stateless” nature of the calls encourage you to distill your thoughts to just a few pressing topics. The pre-call prompts serve to add a few parameters that loosely but effectively structure each call. Over all, I would say that YourBoss is the complete opposite of any productivity tool you have used. If you do try it out I look forward to speaking to you!" We're excited to share this with the Product Hunt community. Talk to you there! 👋
@djbaskin A pet psychic?! Yessss 🐈 🐩 🐟
This is super interesting and touches on the accountability benefits of what we're doing with Makers. How are you matching people together, @djbaskin?
@rrhoover We're matching people at random for now. Eventually we'll have field/interest-based channels when the community grows, but randomness has benefits: there's a lot of unexpected overlap between users and getting outside perspectives can be mind-expanding.
@rrhoover @djbaskin I think the "outside perspectives" angle definitely works for your early adopters since they'll be most open-minded overall...looking forward to seeing your base grow!
@rrhoover @jundishes 🙏Thank you! I'm excited for all the random connections 💫
What an interesting concept! :D
"We call when you least expect it and surprise you with a random connection." Uhm... Not entirely sure why I would ever want this? Aren't we past the stage when people call you and demand attention when it's convenient for them? And even if we're not, why would anyone want to be interrupted at someone else's convenience more than they already are?
@bjorn_furuknap I'm guessing their users are not software engineers with 20+ years of experience. You've likely fostered the discipline/maturity at this stage to work and achieve without anyone checking in on you.
Great job !! 😊 Unique concept !!