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Export Facebook birthdays to your calendar

At Your Birthday you'll detach your birthdays calendar from Facebook and make it your own again. We help you export your birthdays from Facebook so you can finally stop relying on them for your birthday reminders.
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I was quite excited when I saw this! Unfortunately, I went though all the steps and painstakingly picked the birthdays I wanted to add, only to see all the friends birthdays with none of my vetoing. Basically, the same calendar I downloaded from Facebook, but with a bunch of useless manual labor. Maybe I did something wrong, but I won't give it another go.


Great idea


Not great execution

Wow, sorry to hear that. That's not supposed to happen, I have looked into this and found a bug in Safari, did you use that? Is fixed now! Sorry for wasting your time...
Hi all! Helps in life) thank you!
Hi there! I haven't been using Facebook anymore but I still rely on them for reminding me of my friends' birthdays. This was pretty annoying to me so I created a simple site that helps you export your Facebook birthdays to your personal calendar. I hope some of you will find it useful too. If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them!
Heya! Since birthdays data can't be downloaded anymore, any workaround?