Your 2018 Review

A simple questionnaire for reviewing your year.

#3 Product of the DayDecember 30, 2018

Your 2018 Review is an interactive questionnaire for reflecting and learning from your previous year.

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I used this last year when it was launched on PH, I spent hours filling out the form as honestly and detailed as possible and I can say it absolutely helped me identify the painful, the helpful and the hopeful parts of 2017. Which in turn helped me effectively plan my 2018 with a handful of goals and habits that I wished to establish. Now a year later I can say that the goals and habits that this project helped me discover are still in place.

I hope that this can be localized to an app or hosted website that I can count on using yearly, or even quartearly.


Simple, introspective, effective self reflection. Guides you through meaningful reflection for future use.


Would love a more permanent website or app, right now it’s up to the maker to re post every year.

Last year 1000+ people used this annual review suite to reflect on the previous year, extract lessons, and apply them. After having a chat with a couple of people, I've decided to put it out there again. Here's what's good: 1. Interactive Q&A with upto 40 questions to inspire learning and reflection. 2. Questions are customised according to the time you have. If you only have 10 minutes, we'll give you 10 minutes worth of questions. 3. GIFS 😺 Hope you guys find it useful. All the best, -krish😃 PS: I'm always up for feedback / connecting -> I'm on Twitter @krishkhubchand (h/t to @nolan_mccoy + @jonathan_maclean for the nudge to acc do this again for 2018).
I love the idea, and I love answering questionnaires, so this gets a lot of 👍🏼 from me. It would be great to know exactly what happens with the data: where it's stored, for how long, if it's possible to delete, etc., though - have zero indication oh what happens once you hit submit kills my interest.
@neilio hey, so there's an autoresponder which just sends your answers back to you in an automated email and...that's it really. This is an extremely important factor in how well the questionnaire works bc if you're worried that someone else is going to read your answers, you'll self-censor and avoid confronting hard truths. Nobody looks at or touches the data. That being said, I still think that's a lacking solution, so if you have any suggestions for improving privacy, let me know 😃
I spent an hour reflecting on 2018, but never saw a spot to put in my email address to have the form responses sent to me. I'm a bit sad that I won't have those responses to look back at because those responses seem gone forever. 🙁It did have some great questions though, so I respect the thoughtfulness of it.
@oh_kpond 😮 - I'm so sorry!! I don't know how that could have been the case; in every instance, the last question should be one which asks for your email so the autoresponder can send you your review. Really sorry again,
@krishkhubchand Ah, I do see how that could be the case. I did the longer one, but didn't make it to the last question. I stopped maybe 2 or 3 questions from the end. I felt that the hour + that I had spent reflecting was enough. Thanks for making this anyways. It was nice to reflect on the year. Cheers!
I like the idea. However, I think normally, people would only use this app only once, aka in the end of year.