Your 2017 Review

A simple questionnaire to help you reflect on 2017

#2 Product of the DayDecember 30, 2017

Your 2017 Review | by Project Zeno is a tool that helps you reflect and learn from your experiences in the last year.

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Reflection is important. Here's a quote @jasonshen shared on Medium a few weeks ago: “Extraordinary individuals stand out in the extent to which they reflect — often explicitly — on the events of their lives, large as well as small…by seizing the opportunity to leverage and frame these experiences, we gain agency over them. And this heightened agency, in turn, places us in a stronger position to deal with future experiences, even as it may alter our own sense of strengths and possibilities.” After reading a few articles on annual reviews, I realised there was some friction to actually spending time answering the questions. So I decided I'd set up a neat little suite w WP and Typeform to make sure that I answered them. I thought I'd share it here. It includes questions like: - What were the 3 toughest obstacles you faced? What did you do about them? What led to them? - What surprised you in the last year? What unknowns became known? - What were your biggest influences? Which books, ideas, and people influenced you the most? - What were you hiding from? And more. Would love to hear criticisms and feedback :) I hope you guys find it useful. ALSO: At the end of the suite, there's a link to a free 2018 Game Plan Creation Course which aims to apply behavioural science to goal setting to make sure you set, stick to, and succeed with your NY resolutions.
@krishaan_khubchand Love that you have an option to get an email if you don’t have enough time to do the review. 😉
@imakestrides I'm glad. I'm quite new to this idea of making stuff that other people use and one of the dilemmas I faced was trying to make it easy to use. although the nature of the questions/reflection is that it's a tough act and we come up w excuses for why we shouldn't do it. I hope you find it useful and wish you all the best in the following year :)
Nice use of Typeform. Cheers.
@lyondhur cheers Lyondhur! Hope you found it useful.
Looks like the typeform is not public anymore :/ Any way to access it?
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@valentinlaurent @krishaan_khubchand just went through my bookmarks and saw it's not available as well =\ is it something that can be used as a personal review at any time of year by chance? (birthday is later this week, reviewing goals and the year, etc., right now) thanks!
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@valentinlaurent @tanner_stephens hey guys, just seen this -- I only kept the Typeform up for the month surrounding NY bc otherwise the pro-billing would have been too much. Here's a template I made w/Qs on Docs if you're interested tho -- :)
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Great job !! Will surely try it out 😊
@ayush_chandra cheers bud, hope you it helps you find clarity as we move onto the next year :D
I did the extended review and while being able to reflect on the year was positive, I started to feel like I was answering a lot of the same questions over and over again. I can see the intent in trying to help see past events from a different perspective, but the way the questions are currently framed, it feels like the answers I would give are exactly the same as the question above it
@thoeft owh, I guess this is a case of me not noticing my own blindspots :/ Would you be able to let me know which questions seemed repetitive? I'm going to try and sort that out ASAP :)