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Discover new pespectives from Australia, Iceland or even South Africa. Youpendo is a social app that is entirely based on interactions with random people around the world so that you can inspire & get inspired by people you else would've never met.
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Hi Makers and Hunters! I barely (try to ) use social media myself. After blindly scrolling through my feed, I'm feeling unhappy and empty. There is so much pressure, judgment, and social cost attached to sharing content with my friends & followers on social media. This never really allowed me to be my authentic self and share things that I care about. My best friend/Co-Founder @chahin_aghrim1 and I realized over the past year that oftentimes it'd be easier for us to be our authentic selves with strangers we just met whether on an airplane or even at a cafe. On Youpendo we can share inspiration, positivity, and dig deeper than we'd normally do on social media. Our main goal is to create a social experience that creates a safe space where we can be our true selves. As mentioned, every message you send out or receive comes from a random person. We tried to visualize this experience by designing our app around paper planes. If you threw a paper plane from a building into a busy street, you’d be curious to see where it went, who got it. You could throw a paper plane multiple times from the same building and it would land at a different spot every single time. So, whenever you send out an image or a short video (throw out a paper plane), you don't know who's going to watch & interact with it (catch a paper plane). What should we build for this app next? Thank you for all the feedback and suggestions. We're looking forward to making improvements/enhancements/addressing feature requests. So thankful for the support of this community! 🙏
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Recently got off Instagram and been using this app for the past 3 months. I love that I can just share without trying to impress anyone. The app is about spreading positivity and brightening up someone else's day rather than just showing off how great your life is.
Really cool idea and interesting implementation. So when I send out a DM, it’s not actually directed towards a specific person but rather anyone who chooses to accept the “paperplane” correct? Can multiple people watch my message or only the first person who catches it so to speak? Curious to give this a try.
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@heningersamira Thank you very much for your message and the great questions Samira! Whenever you "throw" (send) out a paper plane (image or short video) it gets sent to a random user inside the app. Afterwards, any user inside the app can "catch your paper plane". So, multiple people can watch and interact with your paper plane. Excited to hear your honest feedback especially how we can improve the app for you.
Looks like an awesome platform for those who are tired of watching picture perfect lives on Instagram. My question to you: Does this allow users to have a public timeline of ideas or is that more private?
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@powellgao Thank you very much! Yes, you have a public profile where others can see all the paper planes that you have sent out.
Looks interesting. Have you guys been able to gather data on user behaviour on the platform. As in, I am wondering whether once you have met a stranger on it, people resort more to DMing which in turn would make it pretty similar to IG?
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