Broadcast live with the mobile-first generation

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As I see it, YouNow is really the playground of the 'Internet and mobile-native generation'. The app provides content creators with a fun way to engage with their fans and earn money for their talent. Pretty cool way to chat and meet new friends, and it's the best product I've seen for interacting with a live audience of people from all over the world. Hey @DorianDargan (PM @ YouNow), what core elements of the YouNow product do you think have been the biggest catalysts of growth of your community?
Thanks @JohnExley. Our secret sauce is that anyone can broadcast live, and within a matter of seconds they will get viewers watching their broadcast & chatting with them. That's our magic moment. It makes meeting new people and growing your social following easy and fun, by connecting broadcasters and viewers by their interests. Moving forward, a huge growth catalyst for us will be the ability for talented content creators to join our Partner Program and EARN MONEY for their broadcasts.
@JohnExley Another thing that differentiates us is that we just added in-app purchases to buy premium virtual gifts on our mobile apps (iOS and Android) and our users LOVE them. Premium gifts were designed to be super interactive, engaging, and expressive to capture the broadcaster’s complete attention while live. So it's a novel way to engage with the broadcaster, apart from just chatting with them.
The mechanics of the app is great (coins etc)
Any app that has an AU$159.99 IAP called “Cargo” makes me run screaming.