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Hey Erik and team! Congrats on the launch. There's a lot new here... can you help break it down? What can people expect on the roadmap?
Hi @mazzeo & Product Hunters, Yes, there's a lot that's new! This has been a huge project for us and a major priority of ours from the day we started the company. Thus far, younity has essentially been a remote access-centric media server, the first one built specifically for mobile. However, our end-goal was never to simply be a mobile-first media server. We started this company to solve the problem of multi-device computing – virtually every one of us uses multiple computers and mobile devices. This has resulted in the endlessly frustrating issues around content fragmentation – our content is scattered across multiple devices and online services. According to folks like Gartner and Cisco, the average person has something like 7+ devices with over 1.3TB of content spread across them! Often times, our files are in more than one place, resulting in duplicated content. While the release of our desktop software does not bring an end to this problem (sadly), it is a huge step towards bringing an end to it. So why is this a big deal and where do we go from here? younity desktop allows you to discover your own content and access it anywhere. To put it bluntly, most of us have lost our own content on our devices – it’s there, but exactly where is anyone’s guess. younity’s desktop software not only finds it all for you, but organizes it into categories of content, like Home Videos versus Movies versus TV Shows. It unifies photo catalogs. It merges music across multiple iTunes accounts/libraries and even incorporates all that music you never imported into iTunes. It then lets you browse your content in big media-centric views, giving you a Netflix-like view of your own video, a Spotify-like view of your music, and a single place to find all those photos. Most importantly, it does all this without you lifting a finger. You don’t have to put your files into neatly organized directories. You don’t have to tell younity when you put new content on a computer. In fact, you don’t even have to know where the stuff is. And you don’t have to browse the content of one computer (or media server) at a time – you can see it all at once, from any device you own. That’s a big deal. While we think that's pretty awesome, this is the beginning, not the end. Here are the short term things you can expect from us: -- Offline access (ability to download files) -- Search -- SmartStream (our proprietary tech for audio/video transcodes) -- File sharing via short links -- File rename & delete -- Home Screen for notifications, updates to your own content, sharing and more -- Sorting and filtering options in views -- Enhanced de-duplication -- Playlist creation and favorites Sorry for the long post, but there's a lot going on in this release and a lot coming. Happy to answer more questions and thanks for Hunting us! Erik Caso
How does younity fit in to daily life as people store more and more of their stuff on the cloud with no local repository?
Hi @wpschwarz, Great question. younity is not a substitute for cloud storage - all of us here use it and wouldn't get rid of it. In fact, the last mile of our technology is cloud storage integration. There is, however, a key weakness in cloud storage (hence our planned integration) - media libraries. Over 90% of the average person's stuff is media (music, photos and videos). We have so much of this stuff that we manage it in libraries, which is distinctly different than using hierarchies (files and folders) like we do for documents. younity takes your media and automatically organizes it into libraries for you to browse and access/stream. That way, instead of browsing your music or movies in online storage via folder hierarchies, you can use a media-centric interface like Netflix or Spotify and browse by genre or artist or playlist (i.e. the way we typically interact with media libraries). The average person has about 1.3TBs of content and puts a small amount of it in the cloud. We're aiming for younity to be the catalyst to put ALL of it in the cloud. First things first, however. The vast majority of content starts out on the desktop, then gets to other places (mobile, the cloud, etc.). Hope that answers your question. Thanks for checking us out. --Erik
Congratulations Erik! I definitely want to view all my photos, which are everywhere: computers, backup HDs, cloud(s), etc. Can I also use it to make a single consolidated backup of all of them? I have a ton of backups, and a ton of dupes, but no canonical catalogue of them to preserve.
Hi @dwaxd, Thanks! At the moment, we don't currently manage "backups". That's a big deal and not to be taken lightly, so while this release consolidates "access" to things in all those places, it does not yet manage backups. Online storage and NAS are on our roadmap, though. So you can expect that next year. When we do it, it will be very different than current products in market, not only for helping with dupes, but also integrating our user experience with the value of mass storage solutions. Sorry if that is cryptic, but for the time being suffice it to say our storage integration hopes to make backup/storage far more usable than it is today. Thanks again.