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Turns your ideas into new connections from community

We are here turns your ideas into new connections, and then prompts those new friends to inspire you to have even better ideas.

Youngstartup Club provide for you:

💡 Ideas, quotes, interviews, slide pitching, tools, ...

Not ads. Free forever, we use donations from users, without any charges, join with us :D

Update: fixed bug register.

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When you join Young Startup Club, you can: Connect with innovators around the world. Easily share and validate ideas. Turn your silly ideas into great ideas. Find out if your great ideas really are great. Meet potential collaborator who share your interests. When you share an idea Investors, ideators, mentors, advisors will help you: Inspirational and motivational for you and making your ideas real. people who share your passions and compliment your weaknesses. We want to help you meet people who inspire you. people who are not afraid of sharing ideas and trying to make ideas reality.
I think this is a great idea, I'm interested to see where it will go. One thing to note, though: your registration page doesn't have SSL encryption set up, which makes it a little less trustworthy. Aside from that, I think it's a very well-designed and attractive product.
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@miles_henrichs thank for suggestion, but We need support from user, such as: "make a donation" (footer homaepage)for us to continue.
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Thanks, I will support it in the next time :)


Great UI, not ads


Not at the moment

thanks :D
Feedback for us:
Hey Richard, I am Rich, co-founder of Failory. I have made an account just to realize you are using our interviews and blog post on your site, without even saying that interviews are from Failory. I don't have any problem if you want to use them on your site, but please add a canonical link and an introduction saying you took those articles from Failory. I am looking forward your response!
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@clominson yep, I wrote the source for all the posts, I replied you on facebook. Tks!
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