Young Alfred

I do the insurance shopping for you

Young Alfred is a superhero butler trained to do the things you hate most, like shopping for insurance. Young Alfred's brain is built using the latest ML so he can assist with your application, cater to your preferences, and identify the FINE PRINT, all while saving you money. I'm your TLDR for the 90 page insurance policy.

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Hey PH, David and Jason here, the makers of Young Alfred. Fun fact, we created Young Alfred over happy hour margaritas at El Rey during our first semester at Wharton. Young Alfred is your super-hero home protector using data and machine learning to help you easily find and buy the right home insurance (we also can help you out with renters, auto, and/or pet insurance). We’re different from other options out there because 1) we never sell your info, 2) we have direct relationships with many insurance companies so you don’t get passed around, and 3) we let you compare apples-to-apples across different carriers so you understand value instead of just price. We also give advice on what you should consider given your risk exposure and preferences in the application. We are live in PA and NY, will be in NJ next week, and nationwide in 2018. A few pro-tips -You can get a free property risk assessment no matter where you live - -If you’re in PA or NY, fill out an app to review your needs and compare policies apples-to-apples -Have any high value items, like jewelry or computers? We can add additional coverages and highlight the special sub-limits buried in the fine print -Check our blog for some fun topics in and around the home buying process. Or just jam with our new house cleaning playlist: We’d love to get your feedback, and are happy to answer any questions!

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Easy to use funtionality.


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This looks cool, but I cant seem to click the 'next step' button. I had to read your maker comment to realize that you dont support users outside of PA and NY. I think you guys should put something on the signup page so users arent attempting to click the button for ten minutes like me :)
@xcadaverx Hi Daniel, thanks for the comment! Sorry about the next button - Google's geocoding API is for some reason down right now, which is causing the button issue (great timing). Trying to get it back up ASAP. Once working, we do have a sign-up. Thanks again for the feedback!
@xcadaverx Should be back up and good to go - apologies Daniel!