#1 Product of the DayJuly 07, 2017

YouMap turns the world into a real-time discussion forum. Create channels, invite friends, and share about topics you care about. Be a part of the world's first atlas of human events.

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Of course the similarities to the recently launched Snapchat Maps is evident. I like the design. Will play with it this weekend in SF. 🤗
Stephen Constantine
Stephen ConstantineMakerHiring@startupsync · YouMap - The Human Atlas™ - Maker
@rrhoover I sense a mystery. Stay tuned.
jake duncan ☕️
jake duncan ☕️@jkdncn · two-way dual-language bilingual educator
I just downloaded today. This deserves so many upvotes! Came here just to say this is sweet! I saw a duplicate from 6 months ago‽ Where was I?
Alan Dangerfield
Alan DangerfieldHunter@alan_dangerfield · Product designer
@jkdncn about 6 months ago Rally Interactive was running an alpha. https://dribbble.com/shots/30344...
Renz Bernardo
Renz Bernardo@ohitsmerenz
Been following this project for quite sometime on dribbble, glad they finally launched it.
Sebastian Kim
Sebastian KimPro@sebastiank · Co-founder at Steemhunt
I really want to see a location based social like this become a thing one day. slick design, good advertising video, UI animations, everything looks really good! I love it! I have one question. In this kind of app, I guess the most difficult problem to solve is: "What should I do if I'm the first person in the area?" What's your strategy to tackle this problem?
Karl Oscar Weber
Karl Oscar Weber@karloscarweber · Designer and Developer, Youmap.
@sebastiank that's a good question. It's a use case that we're going to solve soon.
Ryan Fitzgerald
Ryan Fitzgerald@ryanfitz412
@karloscarweber I have the same problem too. I am often the first member of my population to try a new cool app. From Mauritius 1.2-1.3 million inhabitants. YouMap is cool. I feel it could be a next big thing in the social arena.
Stephen Constantine
Stephen ConstantineMakerHiring@startupsync · YouMap - The Human Atlas™ - Maker
@karloscarweber Thank you Ryan. We are planning on it. YouMap is not just a social network, we have a plan for social change. The last revolution was tweeted. The next revolution will be mapped.
Dustin Daniels
Dustin Daniels@d00zt1n · Children's Book Author/App Developer
Just downloaded. It's got potential! No other users in the Vegas area though :(
Ben Cline
Ben Cline@yocline
@d00zt1n try inviting some through a channel you create. Own the Vegas channel! 😁
Stephen Constantine
Stephen ConstantineMakerHiring@startupsync · YouMap - The Human Atlas™ - Maker
@d00zt1n Hey dustin , give us some time. We've had some issues with our invite system, which is down at the moment. In addition our facebook advertising ran into some unfortunate API difficulties. We are planning a major ad push for @youmapinc by the end of next week. Should fill up rather nicely ;)