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YouLi is software for group travel leaders to ditch the spreadsheet and organise people, payments, tasks, documents and itineraries, all in one place. πŸ’΅βœ…πŸ“‘πŸš€

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It's easy to get started with your first trip and scale as your business grows with white labelled solutions, teams and website integration. πŸ™ŒπŸŒ

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Thanks for hunting @jenfein, loved the story in your video of how this idea was borne out of a trip to Japan. Please tell us more about the journey from planning that trip to building this platform - what was it like and what do you have in store for the year ahead?
@abadesi that trip made it clear there was a gap in the market, then we built a prototype that we tested on my destination wedding to Jordan - 30 people over 8 days discovering a beautiful country. 2018 we are all about transformational travel experiences - we provide the creators of these experiences with tools to manage their trips in one place so their customers have a consistent online experience from beginning to end. Our marketplace will be launching soon so we can showcase all the amazing trips that are being delivered by our clients.
I thought it's from Chinese developer because you liοΌˆζΈΈεŽ†οΌ‰in Chinese means travel experiences
@shellehs Well spotted, that is where the name comes from!
Hi @jenfein first of all this looks incredible. The demo walkthrough completely sold me! - I know it's geared towards businesses but am I right in thinking ithis would be free to use as a way to simply organize a single trip between me and my friends?
@liammckay absolutely, the free version is there for you to use for any gathering! Upgrade for branding and lower fees on online payments. Thanks for giving us a try - we are constantly evolving and your feedback is appreciated. :-)