Browse fitness and workout videos on YouTube easily

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My name is Lee Simpson, I designed and built youfitness. Any comments, questions or feedback would be hugely appreciated! I also wrote an article about taking the product from idea to launch in less than a day -
@itsleesimpson thats awesome. there is already so much information for free available on youtube. it's sad their curation/discovery is so poor :/ i worked on a similar project related to startups/coding a few years ago - but i love approach is by far more kudos :)
@andreasklinger Thanks man! Means a lot and I'm really glad you like it. People seem to dig the approach especially when it comes to YouTube content - I think there is something in developing the idea further for other verticals.
@itsleesimpson yes it should definitely work for programming (eg tutorials and conferences) it should also work for cooking and then of course for pretty much all university content (eg history etc) imho this is a big topic and super important. we are at this weird point in time where we have access to all information, instead of all access to information – and thus almost none.
Great work! Super impressed.
@grabbins Thanks dude.
love the speed at which you put this together.. truly inspiring..
This is great. YouTube workout videos are a great way to stay in shape and mix up your workout when you don't have access to a gym.
@JasonShen Yes sir! Felt like it was such an untapped resource too. I think someone could do some real damage in this space.
I love the idea of using Tumblr for prototyping. Good job.
@nickdrewe It's awesome for quick stuff.