The first social network for people with special needs

youBelong is the go-to place for the special needs community to stay connected online. On youBelong, everyone has something in common whether they have a disability or they know someone who does.
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Unlike Ahmed I think this is a great idea. They can still use other public forums if they want, but sometimes it's nice to have a space for a smaller community to which you belong.
John Ciocca
Founder of youBelong
It's finally here. The all new youBelong. So, what's new in v2? Built from the ground up, youBelong is now faster than ever! youBelong v2 features a redesigned interface that's now easier to navigate. As always, we wanted youBelong to be as accessible as possible. VoiceOver is now fully supported throughout the interface and we are excited to introduce the ability for users to add 'Alt-Text' to their photos and videos for friends who are low vision or blind. At youBelong, we're on a mission to make the internet more inclusive for everyone!
I’m sorry, so you created an app called “you belong” where you put people with special needs in a separate social network? I would appreciate if this for example took something like twitter api and offered a better interface for low vision and other special needs then they would indeed feel that they belong
Chris Elles Founder,
I believe this is a brilliant idea with great scope for scaling.