You've Been Trumped

We send spiders to Trump supporters.

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RemziMaker@remzi · You've Been Trumped
Hi, my name is Remzi & I'm the guy who created YouveBeenTrumped.Co. I couldn’t believe there are people actually taking Donald Trump and that fake wig of his seriously, so I decided to do something about it. Trump is a complete joke, can't believe he is the Republican nominee. Watching this circus show unfold, I took it upon myself to put a stop to this ridiculousness. Someone had to set Trump supporters who are voting for this nutcase straight, so I came up with the elaborate idea for people to ship an envelope filled with fake spiders to these idiots for $9.99USD. I ship worldwide, so no Trump supporter out there is safe...muahahahah! I’m done taking shit from Trump supporters, and together we can take action by sending out this package that will truly "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN".
Fatik@fatikowais · Graphic Designer
I remember my first job in which I got pay of $5 after the whole month. To this date this is a reminder that keeps me humble and makes me to value money. You clearly know that spending $10 in such a way won't change a person's mind about who he is going to vote. The nutcase is you actually.
RemziMaker@remzi · You've Been Trumped
@fatikowais We’re not trying to change people’s mind on who they vote for. We’re just trying to have a bit of fun. Why don’t you try sending it to one of your friends for a laugh.
Timothy Johnson
Timothy Johnson@timothy_joh · Lead Product Developer. Scitent Inc.
@fatikowais yet totally worth the devalued dollars it costs.
BIn Bin
BIn Bin@deleted-646815
I hope things like this don't show up on PH. What value does it add to anything.
Don Jefe
Don Jefe@don_jefe · Founder & COO. Astral AR LLC
@tom1077 I respectably disagree Miss... but then it's October 2016 and I've lost all respect and patience for trumpers right after the second one got arrested for trying to rig the election, 3 others for stalking and planing to bomb the appartment of a Somalian family. Oh and personally hearing (and it blew my mind) a couple trumpers talking about armed revolt after the election... and one of them didn't know or care who may or may have not been close enough to hear him cause the ████████ ███████ █ █████████████ █████████████ piece of ████ said loud and proud that " he just couldn't wait till he gets hired to kill some brown folks"
RemziMaker@remzi · You've Been Trumped
@tom1077 It's all just fun and games, don't take it too seriously.
RemziMaker@remzi · You've Been Trumped
@don_jefe @tom1077 Hey Don, will you be pranking one of these trumpers or one of your friends?