You Should Meet

An app to make quick and easy introductions between 2 people

A free iOS and Android app that allows you to introduce two people in a quick and way. In a few simple steps you can import your contacts from your mobile phone and outside networks and introduce two people you think should meet. Once they've accepted, your contacts can chat and exchange information.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Anna can handle the business side. I bet she'll make Edward sign an NDA.
Really like this idea. Nice concept and UI too. Does it work with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook contacts too?
@sgoudie Thanks Samuel. I glad you like it too. Not yet but we're working on it. In the following weeks we'll be making small changes and bug fixes so please keep an eye out for updates.
It is so simple, great!
@new_user_ea84a522fd Thanks! I'm glad you like it.
Really cool. Got o have this!

This app could be the future of making intros. Surprisingly simple.


Easy and fast to use. Avoids awkward email or text intros.


Would like to edit peoples names.