You're Eliminated

HQ spin-off game where the wrong answer is the right answer

You're Eliminated is a quick time waster for HQ Trivia fans and anyone who likes silly websites. Match each question with the right incorrect answer to clear the board. New questions added daily.

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Brock Kenzler
Design Director at Josephmark
Hi Product Hunt! I play HQ Trivia every day and always find those first couple of questions amusing. The incorrect answers are usually pretty funny, and it's baffling how thousands of people get them wrong. I thought there was something interesting about that, and here we are. As a game you can play any time, You're Eliminated is also a response to the fleeting nature of HQ Trivia. I'm curious about their product roadmap and if and when they expand into more hours of the day. Any questions, just ask!
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London14 y/o founder and iOS developer
This is genius πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
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