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T. Florentin
T. FlorentinMaker@talflorentinux · CEO at UXVision
I see too many people working hard trying to design screens but creating unusable screens that miss their business goal. After designing more than 3,500 screens, I thought it's time to write my guidelines for designing screens that actually work. "Design for a perfect screen" was written for all entrepreneurs, product manager and designers out there. The book is easy to read and filled with charts and case studies to show the basic rules of a well-designed screen. You'll discover the magical powers we have to affect how people look at the screen and to set foot steps for the human eye and brain to follow.
Aaron Zakowski
Aaron Zakowski@aaronzakowski · Growth Hacker & Facebook Ads Consultant
Anything that comes out of collaboration of UXvision and Webydo must be amazing.