You Need A Wiki

Create a wiki with Google Docs

#1 Product of the DayJanuary 19, 2019

You need a wiki lets you create a wiki that your team will want to use.

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Hi PH community πŸ‘‹ Around a year ago I was working for a startup that was using Google Docs/Drive for their internal documentation. I found that it wasn't really ideal for content sharing and finding information, and no one was really using it because of this! You need a wiki is here to solve that... It takes all the best parts of Google Docs (Editing, formatting, versioning), sprinkles some wiki functionality on top, and creates something that you and your team will hopefully want to use and be compelled to contribute to. Some of the key features: βœ… View all your pages at once with the tree menu βœ… Navigate between pages quickly βœ… See who edited the page last βœ… Create links to other pages with a select and click βœ… Read only mode, no more accidental updates βœ… Leverages the power of Google docs Create a wiki for free now and start sharing knowledge with your team!
@grantkiely Great work! At my first internship last summer our wiki/documentation was with confluence and it was downright awful. It neither succeeded at including all the work within it, nor at least organizing links to external content. A poor wiki system really is just about the worst thing possible for a company. Communication is vital.
hi @grantkiely, I've just signed up but I'm now stuck on a loading page at, is there any way to fix this? :o the product looks great and I can't wait to use it!
@grantkiely @theodorasarahabigail same same :( I wanna try and looooove this thing help
@theodorasarahabigail @alex_dobrenko Hi guys I'm looking into this now! Update: you should be able to sign in now!
@alex_dobrenko @grantkiely thank you so much! I've just taken this for a whirl and I absolutely love it. there are plenty of other applications for it besides a wiki, and that makes it super fun. great job on this grant :D
@theodorasarahabigail Thank you so much Theodora! I appreciate your patience with the log in. You are right, there are some applications outside of a wiki that I had not even considered! I’m also looking to add more features! You can see them here:
Just wanted to pop in here and say congratulations on the launch, @grantkiely πŸŽ‰ Love seeing new approaches to wikis and agree with you that most teams need a wiki. Love the idea of building on top of Google Docs and think that's really smart. Good luck!
@andygcook Thanks so much Andy, I'm a big fan of Tettra and it means a lot coming from you!
Looks like a great tool to make Google docs even more collaborative! Looking forward to trialling this out! Love the UI of the product website too πŸ™Œ
@lachlankirkwood thanks so much Lachlan! πŸ˜€
Just like except 1000x times better. Super slick, beautiful design and full of features. Congrats on the launch.
@thepatwalls Thanks so much Pat!