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HowAboutWe's messaging app for couples.

Well-designed app. Couple built something similar a little while back.
I find it odd/interesting that they don't include a link to the App Store or Google Play on their website but instead ask visitors for their phone number so that a link can be sent via SMS.
@rrhoover Yeah, that was annoying. Why add the extra friction for people already browsing from their phone? Maybe they plan to text/spam you in the future. I refused to partake and just searched for it in the AppStore. :p The tactic makes sense for desktop visitors—send users an AppStore link through SMS so they remember to visit the AppStore.
Has any one app/company pulled ahead in this space or found success? Seems to be a lot of launch/fundraising buzz when a new one drops, but I can't speak to anyone having traction and staying around.
@_Hanks_ Couple is the most successful one I know of but I'm not sure how well they're doing. Some people will LOVE having a dedicated app for their SO but I'm not sure there's a big audience of people that will prefer to use this instead of other communication/messaging apps they're already using/love unless it's significantly different.