You Don't Need WordPress

Create a blog with only Google Docs

#1 Product of the DaySeptember 23, 2018
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Create A blog with just Google Docs for free. Integrate directly with Google Drive. Work from your phone or computer.

  • Joe Thomsett
    Joe ThomsettChief Strategy Officer - Ford Hastings

    Super cool and done in under 24 hours


    Couldn't view my blog

    I really love the idea and the live streaming and achievement in under 24 hours is an inspiration to all makers!

    I would really consider using this as a blogging tool if I could connect a custom domain and do basic SEO, page tagging etc

    Joe Thomsett has used this product for one day.
  • TheSEOGuy India
    TheSEOGuy IndiaSEO Strategist and blogger

    Easy to use


    Hard to built trust on this

    Liked the idea

    TheSEOGuy India has used this product for one day.
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Pat Walls
Pat WallsMaker@thepatwalls · Developer, Starter at @starter_story
Hey PH 👋 Super excited to launch this (and very tired) YOU DON'T NEED WORDPRESS: Every time I log into Wordpress, my head hurts. I love Google Docs so I had the shower thought to use Google Drive as a CMS for a blog. I wanted to build something: 😎Dead simple and easy to use 🛠Get set up in a breeze 📝Start writing immediately! 💪Access to powerful Google Docs features ⚙️Highly customizable (tables, shapes, charts export with ease) 🚫No markdown 💻Open source Cool example: Export native gDocs charts, tables, formatting with ease: HOW I BUILT THIS: I set a goal to build and launch this product in 24 HOURS! I live streamed the whole process on Twitch! [Recorded live stream 👉] 5,000 people came to watch the live stream! It was nerve-racking and epic to have thousands of people watch me program, provide feedback, and ask questions. Special thanks to @alec_joness and many others! P.S. I'm sorry my Google API account is not fully approved/verified - I sent in the application and should hear back soon. Thanks for reading and let me know any feedback you have on the product!
Cam Adair
Cam Adair@camerondare · Founder of Game Quitters
Way to go @thepatwalls! Had so much fun watching parts of the livestream - more products should be shipped this way.
Pat Walls
Pat WallsMaker@thepatwalls · Developer, Starter at @starter_story
@camerondare Thanks Cam and I agree - most importantly it was just a really fun experience.
Pieter Levels
Pieter Levels@levelsio
This is absolutely insane in a good way. Many people can learn from your sheer persistence and rigor! 👏👏👏
Pat Walls
Pat WallsMaker@thepatwalls · Developer, Starter at @starter_story
@levelsio Thank you 🙌🙌 You are one of my biggest inspirations Pietz!
Pieter Levels
Pieter Levels@levelsio
@thepatwalls You're mine too haha, I need to ship faster if I see you do all of this!
Cosmin Popovici
Cosmin Popovici@cossssmin1 · Maker of (mostly) email things.
Interesting experiment :) Although bragging about exhausting yourself with work and 'you don't need X'-type of products aren't my cup of tea, I thought I'd give it a try and see if it really removes the need for WordPress || [insert CMS/blogging platform here]. It's quite featureless right now (totally understandable!), but it gets the job done, which is creating a simple page that shows content from a Google Docs file. So the most basic functionality is there. Also, besides the warning from Google (which I understand is temporary), the sign up process was smooth 👍 I couldn't find any info, so I want to ask: do you have any plans for the following? - working homepage (currently blank?) - posts index page - taxonomies (categories or tags), w/ index pages - pagination for index pages - pretty permalinks - search - open graph/social meta tags - custom code (i.e. add analytics script) - embeds (video, tweets, forms, etc) - sitemap, RSS Besides these basic requirements for blogging, I also couldn't find: - a way to change my password - a way to delete my account (had to revoke Docs access) - a way to get to my homepage (had to manually remove the post ID from the 'view draft' URL) - a link to the repo - it says on the homepage that it's open source? I know my comment looks a bit 'negative', but please don't take it the wrong way: this is my honest feedback on your current (very early) iteration, and I'm genuinely curious what your plans are with it. Cheers!
Mary Job
Mary Job@maryojob · I document tech answers @HowDoYouTech
@cossssmin1 Following, valid questions, i want to know the answers too.
Akshay Kadam(A2K)
Akshay Kadam(A2K)@deadcoder0904 · Maker of all things JavaScript 😘
Wow I went offline for a day & Pat already launched a startup till I came back 🤣 Many people (like me ^^) just keep thinking on their next idea for weeks & you went from idea to launch in mere 17 hours Incredible Pat 👏
Pat Walls
Pat WallsMaker@thepatwalls · Developer, Starter at @starter_story
@deadcoder0904 Thank you my man. I had this idea in the back of my head for a while. I was on a run the other day, and I realized I had no plans on the weekend... So I wrote that tweet and it kinda blew up. Idk if I would have pulled through without everyone's support yesterday! So much fun!
Andrey  Azimov
Andrey  Azimov@andreyazimov ·
Amazing in 24 hours! Great job! How I can connect my custom domain?
Pat Walls
Pat WallsMaker@thepatwalls · Developer, Starter at @starter_story
@andreyazimov thank you! was a huge inspiration for this project. I'm thinking of adding a pro plan if enough people like the project.
Primož Cigler
Primož Cigler@primozcigler · CEO, ProteusThemes
@andreyazimov @thepatwalls aweseom! What's your criteria for 'enough people'?