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    Easy to choose a country



    This game is very good for me also because it let me understand that i want to know more about my continent countries.

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Built on the shoulders of giants, @mwichary to be precise. This game is a slightly modified version of the popular «Click that 'hood» game and will challenge you to find all African countries on a map (or 20 with hints, in the easy mode which is tough enough as you will realise).
Great fun - an old iPad game called GeoMaster caught my attention for a long time - amazing how many I have forgotten!
This was humbling.
Oh, forgot to say: If you have any questions, go ahead. Happy to answer. If you're interested: Here's a little thing I wrote on how YDKA came to be:
Kinda embarrassing that it took me so long (then again, this game is all about being embarrassed), but finally works on mobile. You can now save it to your home screen and play whenever* you need a refresher. 📱🤔 * often, trust me