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Built on the shoulders of giants, @mwichary to be precise. This game is a slightly modified version of the popular «Click that 'hood» game and will challenge you to find all African countries on a map (or 20 with hints, in the easy mode which is tough enough as you will realise).
Great fun - an old iPad game called GeoMaster caught my attention for a long time - amazing how many I have forgotten!
This was humbling.
Oh, forgot to say: If you have any questions, go ahead. Happy to answer. If you're interested: Here's a little thing I wrote on how YDKA came to be: http://www.davidbauer.ch/2013/12...
Kinda embarrassing that it took me so long (then again, this game is all about being embarrassed), but http://www.youdontknowafrica.com/ finally works on mobile. You can now save it to your home screen and play whenever* you need a refresher. 📱🤔 * often, trust me