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Hello Product Hunt Community, I’m Benjamin and I’m trying to launch a few projects in the near future. The first one of it is Yotilo (Your Timelog). Although it is a small project, I’m pretty excited about this. You can access it here: http://yotilo.com/ Yotilo is a always free and open source timetracker. You can use it without setting up an account. I built this tool, because I worked at an agency and there was no easy timetracking-solution for freelancers, if they don’t have their own tracker. You can read more about my motivation here: https://blog.solopreneurs.camp/i... It’s the first project I’m launching on my way to become a solopreneur. Because Yotilo is open source, I wanted to write about creating it. You can read about it here: https://junt.io/open-source/maki... Hope you enjoy Yotilo! I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions concerning Yotilo. :)
@benjamiski Since it's an "open source timetracker", where is the source? Can't find a link on the website...
@dafonso Good advice! I'll add a link. Here it is: https://github.com/BenKowalski/y...
Sounds awesome! Looking forward to trying it out
Sweet & Simple!! Is there a way we could export the data we entered? If "No", you can take it as a feature request :)
@madhu_sridhar "No". :D But that's a good idea. I'm planning to launch a second project soon (hopefully in October) – with accounts, live sync, mobile- and offline-support. You will be able to export your data to this timetracker. Yotilo is the simplest possible tool to track time. It's also a project to to test how to launch a project. :)
The look almost has a Dropbox feel to it (and images), I like it, simple to use, nice clean interface. Time to try this out today!
Nice! The clean and simple interface makes this a time tracker that I might actually use. Will def. be giving it a whirl.