Get a Yo when a start-up gets acquired

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Yo hunters, @Joydisee, @Adrien0 and me created this. YoSold is a simple way to follow tech acquisitions' news with Yo app! Just add NEWACQUISITION . Feel free to ask any questions :)
@SkyWiiz Nice easter egg in the top-left corner!
Always good to see the Yo API being leveraged to build neat little services. Just subscribed to this one.
@Virtualgoodz Thanks for the gold! We love Yo 's simplicity too and how it's adapted for neat, efficient services :) We're working on other Yo based services too, so please do not hesitate to let us know what you think! We'll make the next ones even more amazing ;)
Hey @OrArbel I would like to know your opinion :-) (ps: look the website source code)
Thanks for the amazing support guys :) Don't hesitate if you have any feedback for us!