A music-making toy for friends


Rikke Koblauch
@rikkekoblauch · Product designer. Building @thestepsapp.
So cute!
Horea Burca
@horea4 · Co-Founder, Developer
These guys at ustwo, man! How awesome are these guys? Must be fun working on all kinds of projects like this one, just exploring creative/fun stuff. You're not looking for a remote iOS dev by any chance, are you? :) Anyway, downloaded the app, really fun, and I'm always blown away by the quality of their products. Congrats, ustwo, keep up the good work and … See more
Bryn Taylor
@bryntaylor99 · Visual Designer
Love this — really dig the characters.
Mohamed Yunus
@tweetyunus · CEO Everyly.
Upvoted for the colors :)
Santiago Alonso
@madebysan · Product Designer
I remember playing this game at USTWO during a open-house in interaction17. Super fun and very smooth learning curve. Upvoted!