One app to control all your connected devices

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Hi! Joss here from Yonomi. We just launched at @DEMO yesterday and we're really excited to be on Product Hunt. Yonomi connects the connected home and does it with just an app - a free app - no hub or controller required. We work with all of your favourite connected devices like Sonos, Jawbone UP activity trackers, Philips Hue lights, Belkin Wemo switches, and Nest thermostats and smoke detectors. Really excited to get your feedback and hear about what other devices you'd love to see added to the platform! We take these great products and make them work together to make them more valuable to you and your life richer and simpler. Happy to answers any and all questions!
@jscholten @DEMO how do you overcome the issues with distance and multiple BTLE connections? What's the advantage of this over http://getdroplit.com
@itsthisjustin @DEMO Hi Justin -- thanks for the comment. @YonomiApp works with your existing connected devices (Sonos, Jawbone, Hue, etc.) and is more focused on what we call the casually connected consumer than a home automation enthusiast or DIY/installation required product. That's why Yonomi is just an app and doesn't require purchasing another piece of hardware. With regards to BLE (and other low-power connections like Zigbee, Z-wave, etc.), our view is that any connected consumer friendly product that gains mass adoption will likely come it's own hub that connects it to wifi/IP. Simpler devices like activity trackers will connect over BLE and we can get to those with either cloud API or local bluetooth SDKs.