Day counter app for iOS & Android.

Ever wondered how many days have been passed since the moon landing? Or how many weeks are left until your next vacation starts?

Yonks is a day counter app for iOS & Android and helps you to keep track of important past or future events and their notable milestones.

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Hello ProductHunters! Today I released a day counter app for iOS and Android. It's called Yonks (that's british slang for "a long time") and it helps you answering questions like: - How long has it been since the moon landing? - How many days passed since I was born / have been married / quit smoking? - How many weeks are left until my next vacation starts or a project must be finished? - How much time until Avenger 4 / Stranger Things 3 / Star Wars 9 will be released? Yonks also keeps track of notable milestones (e.g. "When is your 1.500 day anniversary?") and has suggestions for what to add from a variety of categories like history, sports, tech and movies. I would love to hear what you think of it and what could be possible use cases for you! 😄
@eay Redeemed LHH4W9R3ATW9 Yonks looks like the day counting app I've been looking for, for years! Thank you!
@eay redeemed 83UP6XAUM51ZWFJCV2CKDG6 and 2E6SUT4LTTBHE1UP4QHVD6K was already taken~
@keirwilliams Hey Keir, thanks for testing Yonks and your nice feedback. That's exactly the reason why I created Yonks: because I didn't like all the other day counters apps and their business models. :)
@anna_0x Hey Anna, thanks for testing Yonks. I would love to hear what you think of it and how you use it. :)
Nice app @eay! Simple and useful. The only thing I would love to see is an iOS widget. It would be nice to see my counters by swiping from the home screen. Or if I could see them by force touching the app icon that would be cool too.
@ksbrooksjr Hey Keith! An iOS widget is a great idea and definitely something I will look into for a future update. Thanks for testing Yonks. :)
@eay Redeemed NFPREMM77JFH, thanks! I've tested at least a dozen day counters, none of which are as beautiful or as well thought out as Yonks. Love the Milestones and Add To Calendar features! Not sure it would be widely appreciated, but I'd love the option to get daily/weekly/etc. notifications for all or some of my events. IMO, apps and widgets are wonderful when you remember to check them, as are calendar milestones when you manually add them, but I'm somewhere between too lazy and too distracted and want my machines to do the thinking for me! Just my two cents, hope it helps!
@eay @josh_kay1 I like this idea! I usually glance at the widget screen a few times a day to quickly check my phone and airpods battery percentage among other things, but notifications are even better since they show up on the lock screen.
@josh_kay1 Hey Josh, great point and thank you for the nice feedback! :) Notifications are definitely somthing I'm considering. It's just that I have to figure out some mechanism for Yonks' notifications. Individual notfications for single counters would be nice, but would also bloat the interface & settings for the counters. Right now I'm thinking of some kind of "summary", which will inform you about next week's most interesting counters and milestones.
This is such an amazingly beautiful and intuitive app. The only features on my wish list are an iOS widget and an Apple Watch app.
@lindsey7607 Hey Lindsey, thank you for testing Yonks and for your nice feedback. I'm an enthusiastic Apple Watch owner myself and an watchOS app is definitely something I'm trying to add in the future! :)