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Ellen Chisa — VP Product, Lola
I stumbled across YonderWork earlier this week. This concept which combines remote working and travel seems to be becoming more popular, especially as companies become more remote work friendly. One of the things I like about YonderWork is the emphasis on professional development - they require a few years of experience and a job, and take the time to host a speaker or workshop every other week for their participants and encourage skill-sharing.
Nick Messina — Co-founder, YonderWork
Thanks for hunting us @Ellenchisa! YonderWork is a remote work and travel program which takes selected remote working professionals on two-month trips to locations around the world where they work remotely from coworking spaces, learn new skills, and enjoy the best parts of travel together.

We started YonderWork because we didn’t want to choose between progressing in our careers and a lifestyle that allows the flexibility and freedom to travel the world. Faced with this choice, we decided to create an option where people could have both. We are creating a dynamic community to share in the travel experience, avoid the loneliness that comes with solo travel, and collaborate across industries and cultures.

PH Exclusive: We are giving a $250 discount off of a YonderWork experience for hunters who subscribe to our newsletter today and apply before November 15th!
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