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When we travel, we often share ample amounts of media to our social channels (esp. to Instagram for me). What happens if you could take those photos and turn them into a collection of hotels and destinations that your friends could book. Yonderbound does this, focused on creating "Yonderboxes" for not only your friends to book travel off of (and therefore, you earn money) but for the community on the site. Back in the day, Trippy (http://www.trippy.com/) offered a similar service but eventually moved into a Q&A feed of travel advice.
@daveambrose I know Outtrippin spent considerable amount of time working on having travelers vouch for destinations/trips/establishments (which seems similar to what I see here - https://yonderbound.com/yonderbo...). There are probably some learnings from their journey the Yonderbound team could benefit from. It's incredibly hard to mix travel inspiration and booking, which is the only way to make this business model work. I'm still somewhat new to travel industry (3 years), but I don't really know anyone that has figured out how to monetize an inspiration play. The time frame people decide is too long (weeks, months) so by the time they are ready to book, they just go to booking.com, expedia, etc and book -- and completely forget where they originally got the idea/inspiration for the trip from.
@kckal of Outtrippin is a rad guy. Maybe he has comments to make...