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Discover amazing content from around the web and personalise your reading feed based on your interests, tagwords/keywords, authors and publishers at yomu. Aggregating the content from Medium, Techcrunch, Hackernoon, HBR and more...find all what you like to read at one place.

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Discover content you want to read based on your Interests and then refining on authors, tags and publishers you like. Save what you like and read later when you don't have enough time on hand. Manage it all through your profile page. Creating feed from over 50 sources over web, which include Wired, Medium, Techcrunch, Mozilla, Nytimes, Washington post, guardian etc and interests like Technology, Career, Automotive, Arts & Entertainement, Science, Opinion, Business etc. Still in Beta stage and much more improvements to come. Feedback welcome
It would be nice to be able to click those categories on the right side and also a paywall tag might be useful with relevant sources.
@ftgumus Thanks for the feedback. Working on the categories on the right hand side...should be live this week.