Smart camera app for iOS

YOLObot is a smart camera app for iOS. Automatically recognize everyday objects and respond to them. Recognize phone numbers, addresses, websites, UPC bar codes, daily food items and more. Launch standard apps or custom Apple Shortcuts.
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@damjanski glad you 3x like it ! Working on a new release, anything we should add/fix?
interesting app, nice layout and aesthetics designing. I would suggest including an ISBN code for researcher, book seller, librarians etc
@morphineendo thanks for trying it, and I like the suggestion of an ISBN code lookup! Do you use Amazon or another web service for ISBN queries?
Tired of manually typing phone numbers, website and email addresses from magazines and flyers. Let me know if it's helpful.
Got a report of a UI bug on iPhone Xs Max (h/t Alex), will update soon. Thanks!
Should be fixed with v1.1 release. Thanks.
@hunterwalk suggested responding to Spotify screens, where a user wants to know what artist or podcast is playing and respond. Will need to think about spatial object recognition for a future release.