Snap a selfie to detect your mood and get healthy meal ideas

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#3 Product of the DayMay 20, 2017
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Dmitry Shemet
Dmitry ShemetMaker@dmitry_shemet · CEO, RnD64
Hey Hunters! At our team, we love good food. We believe that a proper snack can save the day, and also boost your energy levels and productivity. As we've been working on our AI-based Hello Egg (which was also proudly featured on product hunt), we started Yolk as a fun side project. - Snap a selfie and let the app recognize your emotions, or set your mood manually. - Get a list of the products that can improve your mood, help you stay focused or reduce stress. - Choose a product and see the recipes - Cook and enjoy your healthy meal! Thank you so much for your support! I’m here to answer any of your questions!
Elavenil@elavenil_e · Entrepreneur, Investor and Coffee Addict
Unique idea! Good work but no iOS app?
Yigit Pinarbasi
Yigit Pinarbasi@yigitpinarbasi · Digital Product Designer
Cool idea! Are you gonna release iOS version of this?
Dmitry Shemet
Dmitry ShemetMaker@dmitry_shemet · CEO, RnD64
@yigitpinarbasi iOS app planned on the mid of Jun this year
Daria Staverska
Daria Staverska@daria_staverska1
Congrats! What a cool app! How exactly do you know if I’m sad or happy?
Dmitry Shemet
Dmitry ShemetMaker@dmitry_shemet · CEO, RnD64
@daria_staverska1 we recognize your mood using camera, we can check which emotion is expressed by your face
manny@mannyanov · Founder & Head of Content in Yord
Fun idea :)