Snap a selfie to detect your mood and get healthy meal ideas

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Hey Hunters! At our team, we love good food. We believe that a proper snack can save the day, and also boost your energy levels and productivity. As we've been working on our AI-based Hello Egg (which was also proudly featured on product hunt), we started Yolk as a fun side project. - Snap a selfie and let the app recognize your emotions, or set your mood manually. - Get a list of the products that can improve your mood, help you stay focused or reduce stress. - Choose a product and see the recipes - Cook and enjoy your healthy meal! Thank you so much for your support! I’m here to answer any of your questions!
Unique idea! Good work but no iOS app?
Cool idea! Are you gonna release iOS version of this?
@yigitpinarbasi iOS app planned on the mid of Jun this year
Congrats! What a cool app! How exactly do you know if I’m sad or happy?
@daria_staverska1 we recognize your mood using camera, we can check which emotion is expressed by your face
Fun idea :)