YOHANN Stand for MacBook and MacBook Pro

Hover your MacBook in air and get rid of your laptop hunch.

Unique Macbook & Macbook Pro stand in that it is one piece of solid wood which raises your laptop screen to your eye-level helping you maintain an upright posture. While it appears to float your MacBook in the air, it is surprisingly stable.

Sustainably produced in Germany and Italy

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Thanks Kevin @kwdinc for hunting our newly launched MacBook Stand. Great to be featured on PH and we look forward to feedback and comments. We are happy to offer a 20% off to Product Hunt members: Use discount code PHUNT20 at checkout.
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Product looks great! Respect! But the video cover image on your page looks dusty.
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Looks GREAT but in all honesty seems pretty expensive for a simple piece of wood (that's definitely well designed but still). Even with the 20% discount, the walnut version (beautiful) costs € 179 - 20% = € 143,20. In the German version of the website, it says that delivery is free with German Post. Does the free shipping apply to a delivery address in Austria (Vienna) as well or only inside Germany?
@anna_0x Thanks for your comment. Please be aware that our products are sustainably manufactured in Europe. They are made in a family business in Italy and finished with oil and wax and commissioned in a sheltered workshop in Germany. Costs of production in Europe are significantly higher compared to a mass production in China. The majority of comparable products are produced in China with very different conditions with regards to the cost of labor, social security, environmental regulations, etc. Also the material costs for a block of high quality and sustainably grown walnut and oak are a significant part of the production costs. For us, good product design implies also a good production process. Having a sustainable production is a fundamental part of our philosophy and we are happy that more and more people appreciate and support this. Shipping to Austria is also included.
@berendfrenzel Nice to hear that shipping to Austria is also free. Well I guess it's good that you guys opt for ethical and sustainable production, it's good to see people support that. Unfortunately though at this point in time, I cannot afford it. Thanks for taking the time to explain the process though :)
@berendfrenzel could you provide an "unsustainable" option without all the things you just said, so it is more affordable? Otherwise I'll keep an eye out for the cheaper Chinese imitation.
Looks like it will fell if I slightly touch the screen....