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Parker Thompson
Parker Thompson@pt · Startup Fanboy
YogaTrail is great. We're big fans of the product/team @500startups and are investors. If you teach or do yoga, these guys will help you more of it with less friction. Check them out.
Kishan Gupta
Kishan Gupta@kishan_guptas · Co-founder, UXCam
YogaTrail is a cool platform connecting Yoga Providers with Yoga Practitioners. I know the founders from 500 Startups and they have some great traction - 70.000 profiles around the globe. Love the product and the guys building it.
John Fazzolari
John FazzolariHiring@fazz · Founder at Revivn
Not doing much Yoga myself but can see the tremendous amount of potential here. It’s really a huge, mostly untapped market. YogaTrail has done a great job building the network and I've heard that they already have 1M Page Views/ month.
Sven Ernst
Sven ErnstMakerHiring@sven_e · CTO, YogaTrail
Thanks Guys. I am very happy to answer any questions. Please let us know how we can help or explain how the product might fit your needs.
Sven Ernst
Sven ErnstMakerHiring@sven_e · CTO, YogaTrail
@roman We currently have about 60k provider profiles around the world. Our strongest market is the US. Providers = Studios, Teachers, Retreats and Teacher Training Programs.