Personal yoga assistant powered by AI and motion sensors

Live audio feedback for yoga, powered by AI and motion sensors. Practice with Yoganotch app and get advice on your alignment based on 3D posture analysis. Yoganotch works with any clothes and is camera-free - practice anywhere, inside or outside, night or day.
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Hi Producthunt! Thanks a lot, Tristan! I am one of Yoganotch founders. Happy to answer any questions. And also - here is the special launch discount: enter producthunt at checkout
Hi there! I am also one of the Yoganotch founders, looking forward meeting you and answering any questions you may have. Namaste
@stepan_boltalin @eszter_ozsvald Your tool makes it possible for any and everyone to do yoga and that too with proper form and with correct instructions, without attending any special class or hiring an instructor. really great.
I was fortunate to try beta version of the product, and it totally transformed my yoga practice! I am excited that it is coming into the world for other yogis (new to practice and advanced practitioners) to start their journey.
@yolga Hi Olga, we are very very happy to have you on our journey and helping us shape Yoganotch. Thank you for all of your feedback!
I love camera free but is it also audio free? I’m in this weird spot where I love tech but part of me wants to keep this a dumb home.
@jessicagottlieb Yes, you can "mute" the feedback, your practice will be still logged and you can study your yoga metrics & progress after your routine. We have a Class Designer feature, which allows you to input your very own sequence.
@eszter_ozsvald amazing. So excited for y'all!