Videochat Messaging. It’s facetime, on your time.

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Seth Forsgren
@sethforsgren · Founder, CEO at Yodel
Thanks Nicholas! Recording as soon as you view a message is definitely a new experience, and can be weird at first. We don’t have an option to turn it off though. We hope people come to see it like talking in person. You don’t really think about your reaction when you speak face-to-face, it just happens. Everything on yodel is ephemeral, so even if your reac… See more
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Yodel lets you can send videos, photos, and gifs to your friends, and as soon as they open your message, the app records them as they watch and respond. It’s a bit like facetime, but with the freedom to talk whenever you like. Super fun, and perfect for my busy schedule. I’ll say more during my LIVE Chat today, but go check it out!
Eddie Wharton
@eawharton · Data Scientist, Dinner Lab
I used Yodel when it was in beta. It was surprising for me to realize that it offered a unique and valuable way to communicate with friends. Personally, I find snapchat too manicured and broadcasted. People take 5 pictures to get their reaction perfectly. Sometimes it's a conversation, but sometimes it just seems like a humblebrag. I also dislike mass-snaps.… See more
Evan Knight
@evannite · UX Designer @Google
Here’s our video, starring my favorite yodeler in the world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4P_x0kWV6BQ
There are very few times when I try a new product and think whoaaaa that was differentttt. There is something about reactions that are deeply human. It is one thing to text someone back or to schedule a facetime, it is a whole different thing to see someone smile with their eyes or laugh in real time at some stupid joke you tried to tell them. Yodel's vid… See more
Justo García
I have been using Yodel for a while now and I love how authentic communication is when using Yodel to share moments with friends and loved ones.