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List of Silicon Valley startups that are about to grow fast

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Morning Hunters... I'm happy to introduce you all to Yodas Hyper - a list of silicon valley startups that are about to grow fast. Working with hundreds of people we discovered a common trend: There are many talented developers with deep desire to make a significant impact but struggle with how to put their desires into action. A common theme is the openness to take a small risk for an exciting mission and take a meaningful role in the creation of something new. Hyper is a list that get updated on a weekly basis with companies that match the following criteria: - Raised Series A funding - 25 employees or less - Based in San Francisco Bay Area To dive deeper to the thinking process behind the criteria, check this post - https://labs.yodas.com/the-story... Give us a try! I’d love to hear what you think. Nir Dremer
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@nird any reason why they MUST be based in the bay area? thinking you're missing out on other tech scenes - like Seattle, Austin, LA that are capable of quick growth too :)
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@nird Why are you limiting it to SF Bay Area companies?
@claresayas & @vanessa_ronan - Thank you both for the great question. We wanted to start with a single list, iterate and expand based on demand. additional tech hubs are definitely a direction we' exploring. Besides location any other directions you would find interesting?
@nird Depends on the direction you're taking it. Your comment above sounds like it's primarily for job seekers. In that case sector would be an important one (consumer-facing, hardware, enterprise, etc)
@nird @vanessa_ronan would love any insight on how diversity plays into growth.
Getting a list of companies likely to go into hyper growth is something the tech ecosystem has needed for a long time. Andy Rachleff at Wealthfront has been doing it by hand and updating it annually https://blog.wealthfront.com/201..., but having a more real time list will be great for top talent.
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@james_currier Thanks James, coming from you it means a lot!
Amazing team! Good luck guys!
@jondot Thanks Dotan!
If James Currier is talking about a new product, I'm listening! Eager to check out Yodas.
@stevesarner Thanks Steve!
First off, I met @Nird and heard his vision for Yodas a few months ago.... and he's the real deal! I love this because a list like Hyper adds a ton of value for folks looking to find early companies to join. Are any other lists being planned for later stage companies?
@esthercrawford Esther, thank you very much for the kind words! In Yodas we believe that career discovery is broken. Yodas (our discovery product, not Hyper) is a personal career bot that analyzes the entire tech industry in order to recommend the best companies/opportunities to each and every one based on their own unique skills/passions/goals/.. We want to make the product reachable for everyone to make better career decisions and this led us to the creation of "Yodas Hyper". Opening up a public list whenever we see a theme that we think would be beneficial.