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The easiest way to find buddies and bud

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Yo Product Hunters! I'm super excited that Yobuddy App is live and on Product Hunt today. This is our latest internal project out of Thinkbox and the easiest way to find buddies (others who smoke) and bud (dispensaries/doctors) around you. We initially came up with the concept after seeing a huge need for connecting people that smoke weed in a safe and less "sketchy" way. We couple this social layer with a better way for people to find verified doctors and dispensaries around them in one app. For some context, I lived on the Venice Beach boardwalk for a few years and saw the misconceptions within the social realm of smoking and also lack of legitimacy when it came to accessing doctors and dispensaries first hand. If you've been to Venice Beach, I'm sure you've also seen the weed docs dressed up everywhere! We quickly built Yobuddy App (in 30 days) and our goal is to be the easiest way to find others to smoke with and legally source weed. This is just the beginning for us and we will be listening to the community and users to keep improving so we can be the best weed app out there. Any and all feedback would be dope! 👊 -Mike
@yoroomie hey Mike need a buddy help pa bro out
OOOOOOHHHHHHhhhhhh "To Bud" means to smoke weed with? I was so confused thinking 'to bud' was some new teen term to hang out or chat lol Thinking about it, makes sense now
@bentossell haha it might be though! We are making a play on weed being referred to as bud and then also friends calling other friends buddies, so it only seemed like a good name. Hopefully it catches on!
@yoroomie haha gotcha! I mean, I call people buddy quite often
Looks dope Mike!
@kevinnewmanyo Thanks Kevin! 👊
add me up on jessicawilliams1110@37right