Spread the fun by doing location based fun challenges

Yobox is a game like truth or dare.

Share the love and happiness with your friends in a game way.

🎁Find hidden boxes on the map

🕹Private boxes can only be opened when reaching the location of the box.

🌟Users express themselves by posting text messages, voice message, photo and GIFs.

📽The next update will feature video boxes.

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23 Reviews5.0/5

Need more challenges!


Need more challenges!


I love a concept

Thanks for your review! We are planning to add new challenges every week and we are going to add a feature with which u can suggest your own challenge to your friends! Also, feel free to send over any ideas to hello@nambasoft.com.
👋 First of all, thanks @ethnoza for hunting us. We are super happy to be on PH today! Co-founders of Nambasoft here, hoping to get some quality feedback on what we are doing. We’ve been on a mission to make the world a little bit more fun and kind for the past year. Yobox is now the closest thing to a truth or dare on a map, with tasks that spread love and kindness. We are happy to present you a new way of sharing love and happiness. We have been working on Yobox for the past four months. The idea came after we got tired of what typical social networks offer and we had an idea to create a space where anyone will be able to express the real emotions and feelings, and to be a good example to others. Yobox is a game like truth or dare where users can spread kindness and fun by completing nice and easy tasks at their location. In a world of social media dominance, we want to utilise this powerful tool and make the world a little bit more fun and kind. We also wanted to add a certain element of mystery to our product and to give the chance to send private boxes to relatives and friends. The mystery of private boxes is that your friends won't be able to open them until they are within the range of the box (200 m). You can share not only completed tasks but also other interesting content, thereby you will force the friend to go out and walk to open your box! Hundreds of people around the globe are using Yobox every week. Teens use Yobox with their friends to do tasks and share the results. Travellers share pictures at different locations with their friends. There is even a group of people that have created a real life quest where friends need to get from point A to point B to open the box to see the next task. We constantly find new use cases and look forward to see what you will create. We are open for feedback so please send your ideas to hello@nambasoft.com Hope you guys like it, let me know what you think!

It might be fun with lot of ppl


Interesting and fun conception


add AR tech

It`s an awesome idea, Zakir! Thanks for sharing with us!

I need more features


Very fun!


I love the concept

We are going to introduce new cool features soon 😊
Hi there, After watching Nerve movie, I was wondering when someone will launch something similar. And I have recently discovered YoBox. What I like about YoBox is that the team decided to spread kindness and fun with their tasks. Hope it will take off.